How to Apply

  • All students must meet the eligibility requirements and agree to abide by the Student Ethics Agreement.
  • The Job - Prior to applying for SPIN Experiential Learning credits, students must find and secure a job or internship on their own.  Jobs or internships may be part-time, full-time, paid, or unpaid.  Work that will be performed by the student must be directly related to their major or career goals.  The student must be performing meaningful work of educational value in the project areas for which the internship is designed. 
  • Faculty Sponsor - Students must find a faculty sponsor from the department of their major.  Biological Science majors should contact Dr. Anne Carr-Schmid.  The student must meet with the sponsor to discuss the internship prior to submitting the SPIN online application.  The sponsor will make sure the student is performing appropriate work and will help the student to formulate their learning goals/objectives.
  • The Learning Goals – Prior to filling out the SPIN online form, the student must work with their work supervisor and faculty sponsor to establish 3 learning goals. Each goal must be formatted into 3 parts: the goal, how you will go about meeting that goal, and then how you will demonstrate to your supervisor/faculty sponsor/SPIN Office that the goal has been met.
  • Submitting your online application - Once you have discussed requirements and learning goals with both your work supervisor and your faculty sponsor, login to Handshake and select "Experiences" under "Career Center" along the top menu. Then select "Request an Experience". From the "Experience Type" drop-down choose "SEBS SPIN", and then proceed to complete the rest of the form. Your form should be reviewed by the SPIN Office within a week. You will receive a notification via Handshake with information on how to register via WebReg (course, index, and sp#s) once your experience has been approved.
  • Grading is Pass or No Credit.  A grade of Pass is based on the following:
      • Successful completion of the work experience during the dates agreed upon with the employer.  Students registered for 3 credits must work a minimum of 160 hours during the semester in which they are registered.  Students registered for 6 credits must work at least 750 hours over 6 months and would register for credits during whichever month a majority of the hours will fall.
      • Positive evaluations/feedback from the employer.  Work supervisors will receive a mid-semester evaluation and a final evaluation via email which must be filled out and submitted back to the SPIN Office.
      • Submission of a satisfactory synthesis paper due to the faculty sponsor by the last day of classes for the semester or whenever the minimum hour requirement has been met.  The paper must meet college-level standards, be double-spaced, and should be 5-7 pages (students registered for 3 credits) or 7-9 pages (students registered for 6 credits).  The paper should be organized according to the following headings:
        1. Description of the job, employing agency, and nature of the work environment
        2. Discussion of those objectives met and those not met
        3. Discussion of unanticipated learning experiences
        4. Identification of new areas for personal development realized as a result of this experience
        5. Summary (pros and cons of the experience)
  • Once the faculty sponsor has read the paper and is satisfied with the work, they should email Kristen Lester at

  • Responsibility - If at any point during the semester there is any change in your job/internship (new supervisor, change in responsibilities, loss of job, etc.) you must inform both the SPIN Office and your faculty sponsor immediately.