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For Employers

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Company growth begins with human resources. The School of Environmental and Biological Sciences SPIN office can be viewed by employers as "a consulting service" for their personnel needs. Besides reducing recruitment and training costs, SPIN gives employers the opportunity to evaluate potential employees without long-term commitment. For short- to intermediate-range needs, such as special projects, research studies, or seasonal developments, the SPIN Program provides motivated students who can help meet employer objectives.

In the long term, it has been nationally verified that a majority of internship students are retained as committed employees by the companies where they had worked during college. In addition, the turnover of employees who had previously been internship students remains significantly less than seen with those employees who did not have such "reality-testing" experiences. In pursuit of their career goals, internship students seek to make the most of their opportunities as employees. Internship students can and do increase productivity for many business/agencies.

  • Access to quality talent year-round, providing the opportunity to test and select persons with desired abilities
  • Advantage of grooming promising student workers for permanent employment upon graduation
  • Flexibility of having valuable personnel within the organization available for more creative responsibilities
  • Motivation of permanent employees towards continued learning as a consequence of student inquiries and input
  • Increased visibility of your organization on campus

We look forward to working with you!